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A woman stands in front of a colourful background looking upwards towards a wheelchair toy she's trying to balance on her head.

I worked in the film/tv industry for years - first as an actor, then in children's media advocating for disability representation in Canadian kids content. When I became a mom I knew I wanted my son's toys to reflect the diversity and inclusion I'd fought for in media. I scoured the internet for toys featuring mobility aids and was shocked to find options were limited, designs were outdated, had small parts, and were primarily made of plastic.

As a person with a disability, the mother of a kiddo with multiple disabilities and with my background in children's media, I quickly recognized this gaping hole in the market was, frankly, unacceptable

When the COVID19 pandemic hit I suddenly found myself out of work and out of childcare. I started dabbling in woodworking as a way to stay creative while being home with my son. The discovery of power tools rocked my world. They lend strength to a body that's never experienced power, efficiency and intricacy to hands that struggle to obey. I had the right tools (literally) to create the toy I wanted to exist. So I did. And I haven't stopped. 

- Amy Lockwood, founder and toymaker